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1. REUSE: No additional emissions are generated

2. RECYCLE: The least possible amount of waste is generated

3. REDUCE: Recommended option because it prevents the problem from occurring at the source


ALAMIRÉ Suites & Studios is serious about offering a sustainable hospitality and promoting the responsible tourism that also wants you to discover the local values, the history and artistic heritage of Parma, and help you to live your holiday like a local.

ALAMIRÉ Suites & Studios is listed as green accommodation on the network promoting sustainable tourism and gathers accommodation facilities that respect the environment, the economy and the local community.


What we are doing for sustainability and to offer a welcome with a low environmental impact:

  • 95% recycling of waste in order to contribute to minimize the environmental impact of disposal

  • Healthy food is served as predominantly seasonal, organic and locally produced

  • Plastic cups and PVC packaging replaced as much as possible with recycled or reusable material

  • Plastic packaging or wrapping is gradually being abandoned for eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable materials

  • Supply of drinkable and further filtered water in reusable glass bottle

  • Use of crockery and cutlery in durable or biodegradable and compostable materials

  • 100% recycling of capsules for espresso machine

  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

  • 100% organic cotton bed/bath linen

  • Controlled energy management:

    • Heating and cooling systems powered from geothermal energy

    • Updated appliances with energy efficiency class A

    • Lighting throughout property uses 100% energy-saving LED bulbs 

    • Option to reuse towels is encouraged to reduce water waste

    • Option to opt-out of daily room cleaning is encouraged

Please help us to implement systems that reduce the negative impact on the environment by practicing eco-friendly habits and lifestyles

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