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Where to meet the tradition, genuineness and biodiversity of the Food Valley

Bistros, taverns and restaurants in the city

- Salumeria Garibaldi - Via Garibaldi, 42 Tel. +39 0521 235606

The business of this delicatessen was born in the 1950s and over time it has become known and esteemed throughout the city and nationally for the professionalism, passion and quality of the products offered: Parma Ham, Culatello di Zibello, Salame di Felino, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro and any other type of gastronomic delight.

- Ristorante Angiol d'Or - Piazza Duomo Tel. +39 0521 282632

Located in the heart of Parma, with a splendid view of Piazza Duomo, this restaurant offers traditional cuisine (for example, Tortelli with herb and pumpkin and Anolini in capon broth), but also creative and, above all, made with love.

- Osteria dello Zingaro - Borgo del Correggio, 5/B Tel. +39 0521 207483

A stone's throw from Piazza Duomo, in a rustic setting with vaulted ceilings, this characteristic tavern offers traditional cuisine and local products with excellent value for money. We recommend the Tris di Cavallo (pesto, tartare and roast beef) and the Vecchia.

- Ristorante La Forchetta - Borgo San Biagio, 6/D Tel. +39 0521 208812

Located in a quiet alley behind Piazza Duomo, with a very refined and sober atmosphere, the restaurant offers Parmesan specialties and more: to taste the classic Tortelli with pumpkin or herbs, but also excellent fish recipes.

- Trattoria Corrieri - Via Conservatorio, 1 Tel. +39 0521 234426

In an informal but refined setting, the restaurant is recommended for those who want to know the typical dishes of the popular Parmesan cuisine: Torta fritta accompanied by a platter of sliced salami, Punta al forno, in addition to the classic Tortelli with pumpkin and aromatic herbs.

- Antica Cereria - Borgo Rodolfo Tanzi, 15 Tel. +39 0521 207387

In this historic restaurant located in the Oltretorrente district (Parma Vecchia in the parmesan jargon), two brothers chefs masterfully reinterpret local food specialties (the ice cream made on the spot is to be tasted). The environment is made suggestive by the ancient wooden beams of the ceiling and the rustic and authentically antique furniture. The entrance to the restaurant is right next to the birthplace of Maestro Arturo Toscanini.

- Trattoria del Tribunale - Vicolo Politi, 5 Tel. +39 0521 285527

The name says that the location of this historic tavern is close to the Court of Parma, in the downtown. Although over the years it has become a rather touristy place, the quality of the cuisine has remained at more than acceptable levels.

- Osteria del 36 - Strada Aurelio Saffi, 26/a Tel. +39 0521 232863

In a slightly secluded position from the city center, but easily reached with a short walk, and in a simple and familiar but refined environment, the cuisine of this restaurant offers both traditional and more innovative genuine dishes. Excellent value for money.

- Officina Alimentare Dedicata - Via F. Maestri, 11/A Tel. +39 0521 23050

Perfect location in a characteristic village in the historic center of Parma for an informal but very tasty meal, based on traditional Emilian dishes (especially of Parma and Reggio Emilia).



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