Our Independent and Fully Equipped Accommodations

Ensure the Required Social Distancing

Limiting Face-to-face Occurrences


COVID-19: A challenge to face all together


Our committment to security, health and safety of our Guests has always been our priority: this is why high standards of cleanliness and hygiene characterize our management. So that when booking a stay at ALAMIRÉ Suites&Studios, you can be sure that we have responsibly implemented the following measures to strengthen the protection of our Guests.


The staff strictly complies with the WHO recommendations regarding the reduction of the risk of COVID-19 infection: hand hygiene, physical spacing, respiratory hygiene measures, disinfection of contact surfaces, use of face masks and other disposable protection devices.

Travel size hand sanitizers disposable, packs of wipes and paper tissues other than disposable hygiene materials are provided to guests as an in-room amenity during their stay.

Rigorous sanitation both in-room and in the common areas is regularly wiped paying special attention to the high-contact surfaces and touchpoints (including desks, handles, buttons, handrails, switches, room keys, remote control tools, etc.) 

Remote controls are placed in individually sealed protective bag after disinfection.

Mechanical dish washing and professional washing of bed/bath/table linen ensure the removal of any pathogens.

Any fabric that cannot be changed after each guest are systematically sanitized with bactericidal sprays.

Housekeeper is trained on cleaning guidelines, in particular on the use of disinfectant products with appropriate protective gear, including disposable gloves and face masks.

Accommodations are not assigned for a new entry before at least 24 hours since the last check-out.

Administrative procedures such as reservations, check-in and check-out, payments, etc. are simplified and can be performed electronically and with contactless systems both online and offline.


We thank our guests for their helpfulness and cooperation

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